Proactively defeat ransomware without having to rely on reactive detection and response tools.

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The Problem

The typical enterprise deploys an arsenal of 76 cybersecurity products throughout its network1. However, this extensive array isn't thwarting ransomware attacks.

Between 2022 and 2023, ransomware incidents surged by 68%2, marking 2023 as the most lucrative year ever for cybercriminals. Trends suggest that 2024 will be worse.

Without a proactive solution to effectively combat this threat, the situation will continue to deteriorate.


of an organization’s IT budget is spent on security3


of organizations were hit by some form of ransomware in 20234


average cost of a ransomware attack (not including reputational damage)4

How AMTD Works

The Solution


The Arms Cyber platform seamlessly integrates our patented Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD) for prevention, honeypot traps for detection, and anti-detonation technology for resilience against evasive zero-day ransomware.

Protect your system by implementing a truly proactive, prevention-focused security approach.

Operating Systems:
The Benefits
Risk Reduction

Significantly reduce the possibility of a financially devastating attack


with various industry standards, including NIST 800-53, HIPAA and PCI

Cost and Stress Reduction

With 95% fewer false positives, security teams can focus on genuine threats more efficiently and effectively

  1. Panaseer Security Leaders Peer Report (2022) 76%
  2. Malwarebyte’s ThreatDown State of Malware (2024) 68%
  3. 2023 Security Budget Benchmark Summary Report 12%
  4. Sophos State of Ransomware Report (2023) 66%; 3.36
We Fortify Your Favorites

Current cyber solutions are inherently limited when it comes to ransomware attacks. If attackers can disable or circumvent protections, even market leaders will be ineffective.

The Arms Cyber solution is specifically designed to recognize and prevent attacks that elude conventional measures.

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