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You've been thinking about cybersecurity the wrong way.

For years, companies have been taking a reactive approach to cybersecurity. It’s time to move forward, and be proactive in our defense of secure software and cyber environments. At ARMS Cyber, we mitigate attacks before they happen, allowing our clients to minimize enterprise downtime and exponentially grow their profits.

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About Us

The idea for ARMS Cyber was discovered on the premise that for far too long businesses and government agencies have been thinking about cybersecurity the wrong way. Instead of reactively patching systems after vulnerabilities are detected, a proactive defense approach should be taken to mitigate risks before they happen.  

Our team brings experiences from organizations such as NASA, the White House, National Security Agency, and Amazon together to emerge at the forefront of innovation of the cybersecurity industry.

How It Works

To dynamically change the software identity of programs, we randomize address space, shuffle function order, encrypt global and local variables, and much more.
To rapidly and accurately detect attack indicators, we integrate trip wires and honeypots as well as state of the art artificial intelligence algorithms.
For resilience, we integrate a kubernetes architecture to autonomously reconfigure software when an attack is detected.

The Details

We focus on prevention by making the initial breach extremely difficult by constantly reconfiguring code. If code is constantly moving, then attackers cannot identify and exploit vulnerable code.

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