Why Arms Cyber?

We stop known and unknown ransomware  
IN Its tracks

The Arms Cyber ransomware solution employs a comprehensive, multilayered defense-in-depth approach that combats ransomware at every stage of execution. Utilizing a mix of cutting-edge strategies, traditional defenses are transformed into a moving maze, designed to disorient and effectively disrupt even the most advanced attackers. From initial intrusion, through attempts at evasion, to malicious payload execution, Arms  Cyber identifies and neutralizes ransomware threats earlier and more effectively compared to signature-based and behavioral methodologies.


The current Ransomware Landscape

Ransomware attacks are more sophisticated than ever and popular cyber solutions are consistently unable to stop them.

Modern ransomware is built to bypass security

Modern cybercriminals leverage fileless, in-memory, and living off the land (LOTL) attacks that target specific vulnerabilities and gaps within existing cybersecurity solutions, essentially turning them against themselves. This makes detection incredibly difficult and produces an overwhelming number of false positives, requiring  additional, personnel, time and resources to investigate each one. Meanwhile the true attacker slips through, hidden within the noise.

Current solutions are too passive  to be effective

Current cyber solutions fall short because they focus on passive detection and response over proactive protection and prevention.  They can’t respond to a breach until after it has occurred. But, once the breach has occurred, it is often too late.  The attacker has already bypassed and disabled them, leaving the systems they once protected completely vulnerable to the full ransomware payload.

The breach is only the beginning

As soon as an attacker gains access, a prolonged crisis with lasting implications begins to unfold. The intruder quickly pivots, systematically spreading through the system, pinpointing  critical assets, and documenting data locations. Armed with this information, they proceed to encrypt and exfiltrate the organization’s most sensitive information, posing an immediate threat to its immediate security, trustworthiness, and long-term viability.

The Repercussions

After a ransomware attack, companies shift to survival mode, grappling with disruption, extortion, and reputational damage.

59% of organizations suffered a ransomware attack in 2023


92% of companies that paid the ransom did not get all of their data back.


93% of ransomware is Windows-based.


Our Approach

How we defend against and defeat ransomware attacks

Zero Trust

To gain initial access, attackers tend to rely on Living Off the Land (LOTL)  techniques, many of which establish patterns that deviate significantly from those of normal operating procedures. These types of attacks can be identified and blocked using Zero Trust policies to discern and stop abnormal patterns of activity before an attacker can leverage them to breach the system.  


To execute an attack, intruders rely heavily  on reliable information about their target.  Static environments offer an ideal landscape for gathering such information because they remain unchanged. Integrating Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD) at various layers, however, introduces a level of diversity and dynamism that makes it nearly impossible for attackers to gain actionable information about their target.


To be successful, attackers must be able to move through the target system without raising any alarms. To prevent this, Arms Cyber integrates strategically placed  decoy files with broader file entropy analysis, which, combined with ATMD’s dynamic navigation surface, ensures that attackers are detected and stopped earlier in the encryption process, before damage can spread. Additional anti-detonation properties trick ransomware into thinking it is being executed within a sandbox environment, triggering anti-analysis protections and causing them to self-destruct.

Data Resilience

Arms Cyber includes a hidden archive schema that promptly backs up key files during suspected encryption events. In the event of encryption, these pre-encryption backups are automatically restored to their original locations. This, coupled with additional shadow copy protections, minimizes the need for regular mass backups, lowering memory requirements and related expenses. Organizations no longer need to negotiate with attackers for the encryption key or worry about  paying the ransom.

The Arms Cyber Difference

Revolutionary threat detection and mitigation with unparalleled efficiency and ease of implementation.

Less than 1% overhead

97% reduction of false positives

5 minutes to install

Our Approach


Save time, money, and stress during normal days and times of crisis. Spend less money on monitoring, less time following up on false leads, and less stress reacting to ransomware attacks after the fact


Preventing and detecting attacks earlier in the kill chain decreases attacker dwell time and the risk of further catastrophic damage

Fire & Forget

All it takes is one executable and 11 minutes to install. After that, consider your ransomware protection taken care of.

Once you're protected by us...

Sit back and watch us defend and defeat

With Arms Cyber, you can rely on effortless ransomware protection, ensuring peace of mind as threats are proactively eliminated. Through a combination of proactive defense measures and advanced threat neutralization techniques, Arms Cyber detects and halts ransomware attacks earlier in the kill chain, offering greater reliability than other market solutions. Shift your focus to other pressing concerns and check in with our comprehensive dashboard to keep tabs on how we've been protecting you.