endpoint protection starts with Phalanx

Be proactive with your endpoint protection. Phalanx protects your systems by detecting and blocking potential threats before attackers can even get to the target.

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Make your endpoints an unsolvable puzzle

Prevent vulnerabilities from exploitation
Prevent exploitation

No reliance on AI, scans or even human error. Phalanx creates an in-memory environment that blocks advanced attacks.

Seamlessly plug in to your environment.
Seamless integration

Easily integrate preventative endpoint protections with your current EDR, NGAV, or EPP without breaking a sweat.

Remove the time delay and chasing false positives.
Forget false positives

Phalanx identifies authentic attacks in real-time with 99% accuracy, keeping your team focused on what really matters.

Continuous process memory protections at runtime

Process memory protections at runtime.

Securing your systems with real-time code randomization, memory integrity enforcement and evasive malware detections makes it extremely difficult for adversaries to execute fileless and living off the land attacks.

Proactive not reactive

Instead of relying on static signatures or behavior rule sets for after-attack activity, we plug low level requirements of attacks such as Heartbleed, Stuxnet, and Log4J to prevent successful entry and persistence in the first place.

Whatever comes next, you'll know you're protected

Rest easy knowing that you’ve added unparalleled protection. We cover the most advanced attack techniques so you can be confident in your security programs protection, detection,and response capabilities. Spend less time reacting to attacks, responding to false positive alerts, and staying up at night worrying about the next zero-day threat.

Prevail against evolving threats

Being reactive costs businesses billions of dollars each year. It’s time to get proactive.

Phalanx gives you real time visibility and prevents attacks that would wreak havoc in your organization.

The value of prevention first

Be confident in your security systems with Phalanx.
  • Real-time visibility.
  • Block unknown and evasive threats.
  • Reduces response efforts.
  • Boost compliance standards
  • Eliminate unforseen mitigation instances.
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