How It Works


To dynamically change the software identity of programs, we randomize address space, shuffle function order, encrypt global and local variables, and much more.


To rapidly and accurately detect attack indicators, we integrate trip wires and honeypots as well as state of the art artificial intelligence algorithms.


To recover, we integrate a kubernetes architecture to autonomously reconfigure and self heal software when an attack is detected.

The details.

We  focus on prevention and reconfiguration, and fix the root problem of a system before an attack. Resilient and Adaptive. By using our approach, data integrity can be maintained and critical business software can become un-hackable, dynamically adjusting and self healing based on adversary behavior.

The numbers.

$5.2 Trillion

of business value was lost
due to cyber-attacks in 2019.

$15 Billion​

was attributed to direct company damage including business loss, information loss, revenue loss, and equipment damage in 2019.

51 Days

to patch a system retroactively, like most current cybersecurity efforts, resulting in significant downtime that negatively effects the company’s bottomline.

500 Billion

vulnerabilities estimated in legacy and IoT devices, it is close to impossible to exhaustively find every system vulnerability, giving attackers an advantage.

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